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Incomplete tasks from meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Lee Liming to get Globus Auth SSH and GCS v5 status from Rachana for our GT Planning Meeting on  
01 Feb 2018Lee LimingWBS 2.3.2 Requirements Analysis and Planning 2018-01-18 Meeting
  • Lee Liming and Jim Basney  Prepare public facing background and context setting slides by  
    1. Present the broader context of wider adoption of web based access methods
17 Jun 2019Lee LimingWBS 2.3.2 OAuth SSH Planning 2019-06-06 Meeting
  • JP Navarro , Shava Smallen , and Kate Kaya Prepare survey(s) for SSH users and service providers by  
    1. Preferably using the RSP
    2. Reference context slides in survey introduction
    3. Current SPs, new system SPs (TACC, cloud, and others), campus operators
    4. Include questions about direct inter-resource ssh and scp
12 Jul 2019JP NavarroWBS 2.3.2 OAuth SSH Planning 2019-06-06 Meeting
  • Lee Liming Change Sections C and D of the design document based on our discussion
Lee LimingWBS 2.3.2 OAuth SSH Technical Discussion 2020-09-03 Meeting
  • JP Navarro Consider the tasks above and think about staff assignments.
JP NavarroWBS 2.3.2 OAuth SSH Technical Discussion 2020-09-03 Meeting
  • TBD
WBS 2.3.2 Resource Discovery V3 Developer Coordination 2020-06-04 Meeting
  • Team members will add links to Covid-19 research resources to this page, to facilitate possible collaborations.
2020-05-18 Meeting notes
  • Every NIP member to propose a success story each for the annual report. 
2020-04-20 Meeting notes
  • Managers all review the user survey document sent by Scott and provide feedback to him by Tuesday, January 14th.
2020-01-07 Meeting notes (Ops)
  • Managers discuss with their staff the wiki and solicit feedback. Send feedback to Scott by the end of the month.
2020-01-07 Meeting notes (Ops)

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